Berenice Olmedo

Mexican artist Berenice Olmedo delves deep into societal norms. She questions who establishes these norms and their counterparts. For years, marginalized figures have deeply influenced her work. This includes stray dogs and physically impaired individuals. In her writings, Olmedo pushes for a broader definition of ‘human.’ This redefinition aims to include those who deviate from the white, Western, masculine, or able-bodied standard.

Her art hints at a clash between nature and technology. We often view a healthy body as part of nature’s ecological balance. However, when society desires an ‘ideal’ body, conflict arises. This ideal often leans toward societal beauty standards, sometimes becoming an obsession. Olmedo critically examines societal thought models. She believes they’re influenced by social class and income.

Furthermore, Olmedo addresses the conflation of objects and bodies in society. When we see bodies as mere objects, we strip them of rights. Her work highlights this boundary blurring. Technical objects transform into fragile bodies in her creations. These aren’t merely static objects. They span language, politics, medicine, and law.

Fusing flesh and technology, she presents bodies entwined with devices. Olmedo challenges our sleek, digital era. Her art contrasts with the norms of seamless computing and perfect interfaces. She rejects the pursuit of mindless efficiency and perfection. Her pieces serve as a stark reminder: perfection isn’t always ideal.

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