Denis Cherim

Born in Romania and raised in Spain, Denis Cherim is a photographer who has made Madrid both his home and inspiration. He captures his approach, stating, ‘I tend to lose myself in words, so photography became my ally. In hidden places, I seek answers. Everyday objects spark my curiosity, each yearning for its moment.’

Denis Cherim doesn’t just snap pictures; he brings everyday scenes to life in unexpected ways. With a keen eye for angles and composition, he reveals that beauty isn’t exclusive to the extraordinary. Indeed, the ordinary, viewed in a different light, can be equally captivating.

His standout project, ‘The Coincidence Project,’ began in 2012. These perfectly timed photos might fool you into believing they’re digitally tweaked. Yet, Denis masterfully blends both urban and natural elements, crafting harmonious snapshots that underscore a delicate balance.

In this series, unrelated subjects converge, creating serendipitous and engaging combinations. These images compel viewers to re-examine and find fresh narratives in familiar settings.

But Denis’s craft isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a journey of emotions and reflections. By showcasing everyday objects from novel perspectives, he instills a surreal, dreamlike sensation in the observer. His juxtapositions, while seemingly simple, forge new images and narratives, showcasing his unparalleled vision.

Denis believes in the profound, stating, ‘Through coincidental unions of disparate elements, I uncover places free from conventional labels. Here, dualities dissolve, replaced by unity. The ordinary transforms, inviting viewers to perceive the world with fresh eyes.’


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