Erris Huigens / Deconstructie

Amsterdam-based artist Erris Huigens delves into the crossroads of graffiti, painting, minimalism, and conceptual art. Over time, his style has evolved, masterfully integrating these diverse elements into deeply personal works. His minimalist paintings and drawings aren’t confined to his studio; they also exhibit on unexpected canvases such as deserted factories and homes in North Holland. Moreover, they feature on the covers of records by labels like Delsin and Metalheadz, which have a global reach.

Lines hold a pivotal role in Huigens’ artistic expression. They do more than emphasize, cancel out, or link; they serve as the shortest distance between two points. Capturing the primal impulse to leave one’s mark, his lines echo the ancient handprints found in the Maros caves of Sulawesi  ).

But his approach transcends mere imagery. The act of painting serves as an outlet for both capturing and releasing his thoughts. These thoughts eventually dissolve, merging back into the world around him. Essentially, this method functions as a transformative lens through which he views everyday life.

Turning to ‘visual sampling,’ Erris Huigens adapts and repurposes existing elements. A mere shadow on the canvas can become both subject and inspiration for other pieces. Similarly, the recurring line operates as a graffiti tag, likely linking back to his subcultural roots.

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