Javier Riera

Born in Avilés, Spain, Javier Riera’s artistic journey began with Fine Arts in Salamanca. He further honed his skills at the Contemporary Art Workshops in Madrid. While Riera began as a painter, by 2008, he transitioned to capturing landscapes through photography. Growing up, he admired seascapes and landscapes painted by his great-grandfather. This early influence, combined with the dynamic landscapes of Asturias, deeply impacted Riera’s artistry.

Riera’s distinct technique merges geometry with the natural world. He projects geometric light patterns onto landscapes, creating ephemeral light installations. These installations blend seamlessly with nature, offering a fleeting yet profound experience. He then captures these moments using photography, without any digital alterations. This authentic approach provides viewers with a genuine glimpse of his interventions in public spaces.

Influenced by the Land Art movement, Javier Riera emphasizes themes of time, place, and experience in his work. For him, geometry isn’t just shapes or patterns; it’s a fundamental language that existed before the material world. Through his art, Riera communicates with nature using this ancient language. This combination of light, geometry, and nature offers viewers a meditative experience. It encourages them to see beyond the obvious and appreciate hidden dimensions in familiar landscapes.

Overall, Riera’s art challenges us to view the world differently. By contrasting the structured realm of geometry with the fluidity of nature, he crafts a unique narrative. This narrative isn’t just about light or shapes; it’s about understanding our environment and finding beauty in unexpected places. Through his work, Riera invites us to pause, reflect, and discover a deeper connection with the world around us.


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