Leilei Wu

Leilei Wu is an artist and researcher whose art challenges both physical and virtual worlds. Drawing inspiration primarily from man-made materials and nature, she explores the role of modern technology in making and sharing art. In doing so, she seeks to connect technology, history, and artistic expression in her creations.

Originating from Ningbo, a prominent city in northeast Zhejiang, Wu first got into 3D printing during her studies at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute (JCI). Switching gears, she began to explore other mediums that allowed her more freedom. Her move to Milan for a Sculpture course at the University of Brera further fueled her enthusiasm for digital crafting.

A blend of edgy thinking, teamwork, and a touch of science fiction characterizes Wu’s work. She focuses on 3D-printed objects, installations, and experimental art. Combining elements of robotics with organic forms, her sculptures are a mix that marries high-tech style with everyday reality.

On her journey to blend art and tech, Wu eliminates the lines between genuine creation and computer-assisted design. Consequently, her sculptures start conversations about the blend of fantasy and our tech-centered lives. Furthermore, Wu’s art urges us to think about how technology impacts our day-to-day lives and ponder its future roles.


↑ (all above) — Leilei Wu, photo: @lawlup, ‘Strange Unproductive Thinking’ curated by Leonardo Bentini & Deborah Maggiolo / 2022

↑ (3 above) — Leilei Wu, photo: Tessa Chung, ‘Curious, if true’ curated by Yicong Sun at Alcova / 2022

↑ (3 above) — Leilei Wu & Tessa Chung, Digital remake — fromKidultopia / 2022

↑ (3 above) — Leilei Wu, photo: Tessa Chung, Untitled Object / 2021

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