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Hello friends, the ESC is back in a revamped format! Now an annual event, we’ve partnered with De:Formal ( ), a digital platform that champions critical dialogues in contemporary art, to bring you a virtual exhibition.

Our theme remains the same: ‘Create art as you would do 10 years in the future.’ This year, we’re delving deeper into the intersection of technology and humanity. Artificial intelligence is evolving, learning from our behavior and data. Yet, how much do we understand about these semi-self-aware entities? Are they merely tools for human gain, or could they become something more?

As AI mimics us, we find ourselves mimicking them, adopting machine-like efficiency and emotional restraint. This raises questions about the future synergy between humans and machines. Can we ever treat AI as equals?

In our digital lives, we generate vast amounts of data. Could this data serve a higher purpose than mere commodity trading? Could it help us recreate lost loved ones or even question the need for physical existence?

Our increasing digital engagement also impacts our relationship with nature. Issues like pollution and overproduction often take a backseat, but how long can we afford to neglect our natural environment?

Submissions are open until February 6, with selected works showcased in a digital exhibition on April 20.

We eagerly await your visions of our shared future. To apply, click the link below or email us your filled-in application form.

↑ k53n14 / 2020 (image courtesy of the artist)

Getting Started: Apply Here

‘Create art as you would do 10 years in the future’


– One project only: Whether you’re solo or in a team, you can submit just one work. Collabs welcome.
– Open to all: Artists working at any level are welcome to submit their work.
– Zero restrictions: Age, gender, or location don’t matter here. Free to participate.
– All forms: We accept all kinds of art, including but not limited to new media, painting, sculpture, installation, performance, sound, photography, graphics, video, and mixed media.

Submissions closed.

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