ESC 2031 AW: 0→1 x YYYYMMDD

We’re back and we’ve missed you! 0→1 gallery’s final open call of the year is here: ESC 2031 Autumn/Winter. We’re asking artists to envision art a decade from now, exploring themes like humanity, nature, and tech.

This wave partners with the digital platform YYYYMMDD  ), led by Daniela Grabosch. It’s more than just an art archive; it’s a hub for meaningful dialogue and curated exhibitions. Daniela brings a unique blend of intellectual rigor and genuine care to her curatorial work.

In today’s world, we’re caught between a complex past and an uncertain future. We’re overwhelmed by choices pre-made for us by algorithms. Our lives have become subscription models, dictated by unseen scripts. Do we even make our own choices anymore? What’s the future of free thought?

We’re all trying to adapt and survive, filling our minds with fragmented information and relying on emerging tech. But what if the systems we trust are fundamentally flawed? What role will innovations like quantum AI and NFTs play in shaping our world?

Submissions open on October 25 and close on February 10. Selected artists will feature in a digital exhibition on April 20. 0→1 & YYYYMMDD are eager to hear your thoughts on our collective future. Apply below or email us your filled-in application form.

For more details and past selections, scroll down.

↑ Mit Borrás, Heavven, Adaptasi Cycle / 2021 (image courtesy of the artist). Heavven, Adaptasi Cycle exhibition. Film and installation views at Exgirlfriend Gallery, Berlin 2021. Heavven/Adaptasi creative team: Work by Mit Borrás ( ), Art Director Rachel Lamot ( ), Music Daniel Vacas Peralta ( ). With Ray La’Vord, A1 Robot. Yoga Sonja Sims, Production Design Cavve Pavilion, Robotics Casual Robots, Prosthetics Ayudame 3D, The Cave H. Puerta de América, Make Up Harpo, Eloy Noguera Atienza, A1 Robot design Canbot, Drone Karacho Berlin. With the support of Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn Neustart Kultur.

Getting Started: Apply Here

‘Create art as you would do 10 years in the future’


– One project only: Whether you’re solo or in a team, you can submit just one work. Collabs welcome.
– Open to all: Artists working at any level are welcome to submit their work.
– Zero restrictions: Age, gender, or location don’t matter here. Free to participate.
– All forms: We accept all kinds of art, including but not limited to new media, painting, sculpture, installation, performance, sound, photography, graphics, video, and mixed media.

Submissions closed.

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