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Welcome to ESC 2034, a platform where contemporary artists explore future visions. Since 2020, ESC has led open calls and exhibitions that probe the complex interplay of technology, nature, and humanity. This year’s theme, ‘A decade into the future,’ invites artists to envision the world ten years ahead.

ESC 2034 offers a journey through futuristic dialogues. Past editions have delved into the fusion of technology with nature, the impact of technology on mental health, and the true meaning of sustainability. 

This year, we ask: Can our sustainability efforts withstand the test of time? Will AI emerge as a challenger or an ally in our journey? What will the state of nature be in a decade? How will technological advancements redefine our interaction with natural ecosystems? In what ways might emerging technologies help or hinder our pursuit of a more harmonious coexistence with nature?

Your project should envision the future interaction of human progress, technological innovation, and environmental stewardship. We encourage submissions that creatively question and reimagine the future dynamics among nature, technology, and humanity. Whether it’s through speculative design, digital art, mixed media, or other forms, your work should offer a thought-provoking perspective on how these elements might evolve and interact in the coming decade.

We’re thrilled to announce a physical exhibition in the Netherlands, with specific dates and venue details forthcoming.

Join us in creating a vision for the next decade, where art, technology, and nature converge to forge unprecedented scenarios and shape our shared destiny.

The submissions are now CLOSED.

We will announce the lineup on June 8.

The selection process is complete, and all participating artists have been notified. (if you haven’t received a notification, please check your spam folder or contact us directly for the results)

↑ k53n14 / 2023 (image courtesy of the artist)

Getting Started: Apply Here

‘A decade into the future’



– One project only: Whether you’re solo or in a team, you can submit just one work. Collabs welcome.
– Open to all: Artists working at any level are welcome to submit their work.
– Zero restrictions: Age, gender, or location don’t matter here. Free to participate.
– All forms: We accept all kinds of art, including but not limited to new media, painting, sculpture, installation, performance, sound, photography, graphics, video, and mixed media.

CLOSED — we will announce the lineup on June 8, 2024 

ESC — Concept

The ESC challenge seeks to capture the dreams and aspirations of contemporary artists about the future, with a focus on technology and nature. Aimed at visionary thinkers and daring creators, the call encourages exploration of temporal connections and uncharted ideas.

This initiative symbolizes our response to the evolving landscape of design and art, envisaging a reality 10 years hence. ESC, standing for ‘escape,’ represents a portal to the future, an imaginative leap beyond the conventional. The number 10 symbolizes a mental threshold, challenging us to think beyond the ordinary

Predictions about the future or the past, based on current knowledge, hold equal potential for accuracy.

Fostering a connection with our distant future selves is vital. Curiosity, imaginative capacity, and empathy towards our future existence are crucial for personal and global transformation.

Note: This call is open to all artists, except those who have featured in previous ESC series, to ensure fresh perspectives in each edition. For a list of past participants, see below.

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