Bend Reality T-shirt


The ‘Bend Reality’ T-shirt by 0→1, in collaboration with Boey Wang, challenges the boundaries of perception and the power of human thought, featuring the assertive ‘Bend Reality’ on the front and its inverse, ‘Reality Bend,’ on the back. It’s a call to action for mind over matter, inspiring us to rethink the known and embrace the power of imagination. This collaboration seeks to ignite conversations on how creativity and thought influence our reality, advocating for innovation and a deeper understanding of our unseen potential. It’s an invitation to break free from the ordinary, harness our thoughts, and recognize our ability to shape a world beyond physical limits.

A T-shirt in heavy 100% organic cotton, single jersey with an oversized, boxy cut and a high, chunky crewneck rib for enhanced shape. The garment features single-needle stitching at the sleeve opening and also at the elongated hem fold. Additional detailing includes felled shoulder seams with neck tape, and single chain/straddle stitching over the seam.

Our fully recyclable and reusable packaging aligns with efforts to eliminate plastic waste. Central to the production process are the Kornit Atlas digital printers and eco-friendly Neopigment ink, showcasing the commitment to responsible manufacturing through advanced technology and sustainable practices.

Limited edition of 100, off-black color.

100% Cotton

One-size comfort fit


Ships from: Netherlands
Estimate delivery time: 2 weeks

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