Still Life 01


Spanish contemporary artist Jorge Isla in his art practice focuses on observing and analyzing reality as well as on the modes of production and consumption of contemporary society. His works are a meeting point between sculpture, video art, and photography.

The work Still Life (2021) is defined through a set of recovered broken mobile screens that reflect the modes of production and consumption of contemporary society. This set of broken mobile screens denies the figurative status of the image because of the fractured surface that, in fact, also generates abstraction. More than that, in Still Life, Jorge Isla forms a new meaning exerted by the digital environment and capitalism on the human being. That is in addition to the almost absolute and vital dependence on the daily experience of our own community.

More about the work:

One of a kind.

Mobile screens, C-Clamp

40 × 22 × 15 cm


Ships from: Spain
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