ADA Bold


ADA planters are made in a metal spinning process out of aluminum and are meant to be the new home for plants with roots. They come in four types and can be filled from both sides. That allows endless planting combinations — from cactus to palm trees.

Made out of aluminum, the planters are available in two finishes; raw brushed aluminum or black powder-coated. Only ‘brushed aluminum raw’ ADA planters are suitable for outdoor use. For exterior use, the rubber plug should be removed to prevent rainwater from accumulating. As the surface is not lacquered, the material ages in a natural way, but is resistant to corrosion.

ADA planters like the sun but also shade — they enjoy the most living in larger groups.

All items are built by hand and might slightly vary from product pictures.


1,5 kg

Ø 35 H 50 cm

Pot 1: Ø 35 H 30 cm
Pot 2: Ø 20 H 20 cm


Ships from: Germany
Estimate delivery time: 1-2 weeks

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