Immeasurable Range


A narrator at heart, Boey Wang ( ) is drawn to stories, or rather, the attempt of capturing the mundane moments of life that are too often overlooked, responding to them with a unique humanistic touch. The seemingly inconspicuous matters interest him, and even the most ordinary object can become the subject of his stories: design thus becomes his medium to communicate, stimulate, and empower. Reflecting on visual and functional design, he tends to the narrative agency of the object itself with an uncommon sense, for one to listen, feel, experience, and perhaps reimagine a world without established frames and measurements.

Boey Wang’s educational measuring kit, the Immeasurable Range, questions the standardization and re-standardizing the flexible instincts. By stretching the law of physics, the Immeasurable Range project reinterprets measurement from a subjective perspective. The flexible ruler addresses social distancing and extends as tension rises. A brush compass, with a calligraphic brush at the end, emphasizes fluidity. The physical flexibility of the tools materialized the variability beside our perception. The project is for adults to relearn the rigid understanding of reality and also for teenagers to understand the reason for inventing measurements. It evokes our elastic instincts of seeing the world without any frameworks,

As all objects are made by hand, minor variations from product pictures may occur.


Ships from: Netherlands
Estimate delivery time: 1-2 weeks

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