Twirl Bowl / Pale Yellow


Lenny Stöpp approaches design with a tactile and innovative spirit, continuously reimagining and repurposing existing techniques to breathe new life into everyday objects. At the heart of his creative process is a deep engagement with the materials at hand, allowing the design to unfold organically without preconceived endpoints. Lenny Stöpp’s work, characterized by a quest for raw refinement, blurs the lines between finished and unfinished, emphasizing the human touch in each creation.

The Twirl Bowl is a standout representation of Stöpp’s craftsmanship. Each bowl, distinct and unmatched, is shaped using the running cornice technique. This method brings a unique character to every piece, with variations in texture and shifts in color that elevate each bowl beyond a mere functional item to a piece of art. These bowls embody a fusion of raw beauty and sophistication, distinguished by their subtle color nuances.

Each piece is individually crafted and varies from product photos

Alpha crystalline gypsum (hard plaster), finish: matte coating

10 kg

≈ Ø 55 H 10,5 cm


Available on backorder

Ships from: Netherlands
Estimate delivery time: 5-6 weeks

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