Paperthin Original Bench (4 colors)


This bench is a perfect way to functionally demonstrate the strength of transforming weakness by technique.

One of the biggest icons in industrial mass production; is the classic tin can. Examining every step of this specific production process gave Lennart Lauren insight into a transformation that has a lot of impact on the strength and visual appearance of the tangible outcome. In this case, the relatively weak and flexible transform into strength and volume using two simple steps. Rolling a thin metal sheet into a mathematical round shape combined with pressing lines upon the form.

Connecting these existing techniques with modern tools (3D printed machine parts and different types of laser cutout press molds) resulted in a new shape language that still breathes the essence of the classic tin can. And at the same time intensifies the awareness of the matter and its process.

Select a color to see the exact RAL reference.

Stainless steel sheet 0,6 cm

6,9 kg

35 × 96 × 45 cm (D×W×H)


Ships from: Netherlands
Estimate delivery time: 2-6 weeks

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