Inês Norton

Inês Norton, possessing a degree in graphic design and a flourishing career as a visual artist, explores the intriguing relationship between the natural, organic world and its artificial, synthetic counterpart. Observing and registering these dichotomies, she not only highlights their obvious contrasts but also seeks intersections, points of tension, and moments of harmony. Consequently, these explorations not only form the foundation of her artistic language but also uncover various outcomes and challenges.

From a holistic viewpoint influenced by her personal practices, Norton articulates her worries about sustainability. Thus, a significant portion of her work emphasizes our need to reconnect with our primal essence and the pressing demand to re-evaluate obsolete paradigms. Yet, at times, her perspective is unveiled with a touch of intentional irony.

Interestingly, in an era where personal privacy is eroding due to the rise of digital social platforms, Norton has shifted her focus to the sense of touch. In her pieces, she underscores the evolving nature of touch in this new era. She is keen on identifying crucial intersections between technology and empathy, and between artificial and emotional intelligence.

‘I create, believing that art is the path less obstructed to experiencing, which taps into that millionth of a second prior to the impulse to create barriers and create concepts, that I call the truth.’ — Inês Norton


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