Suzanne Saroff

The New York-based photographer Suzanne Saroff has a keen eye for mundane items to which most of us pay no attention. In her works, highly innovative and dreamlike, she combines common objects with different tools, techniques, and also colors. And in addition, her distinct vision, a look that goes beyond the subject and accompanies imagination, grants her freedom with the camera.

Important to realize that for Suzanne Saroff photography has always been a passion and a creative outlet for quite some time. In fact, her love for art developed in Missoula (Montana), where she grew up. As a kid, she would spend a lot of time dreaming and thinking about her own ideas. And as Saroff says, that led her to start shooting early with disposable cameras. However, she got a DSLR eventually— a digital single-lens reflex camera. Thus she would spend a lot of her time learning the new tool, especially the technical aspects of it. Often she would photograph friends in the mountains or wildflowers in her backyard. So it comes as no surprise that Saroff has always been interested in the little details.

More than that, she finds it inspiring to take something mundane or even ugly and give it a new life. She works a lot with flowers because for her they are ‘beautifully complex but simultaneously simple.’

‘I love how flowers can mirror people since they have so many different personalities.’ — Suzanne Saroff

When Suzanne Saroff moved to New York, at first she worked as an art director. Only recently she has set out to pursue her own photography full time, which involves doing both personal work and work with brands. At this moment, above all, she focuses on adding motion to her work. Because as Saroff explains, even subtle or unexpected motion adds depth, curiosity, and story to the frame. Therefore lately, she has worked on developing in directing, along with creating pieces that are longer, with more narrative.


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