Ivana Bašić

Born in Serbia, Ivana Bašić brought her artistic talents to New York in 2010. With every piece, Bašić delves into the vulnerability and transformation of both the human body and spirit. Her art probes foundational elements like life, breath, and even the ephemeral nature of dust, exploring how they adapt under various external pressures. A recurring theme in Bašić’s creations is the intricate balance between the anatomical and the metaphysical aspects of existence.

The diversity in her choice of media, from stone, stainless steel, silicone, and blown glass to the evocative medium of wax, showcases her versatility. Bašić doesn’t merely see these as tools but cherishes each for its unique properties. For her, they’re expressive substances, teeming with character, waiting to be molded.

Every so often, Ivana Bašić adds a modern twist. Kinetic, machine-like components find their way into her sculptures, drawing a parallel between individuality and the larger systems at play. This integration symbolizes the interconnectedness of life, highlighting the delicate balance between individual identity and collective consciousness.

The intriguing aspect of Bašić’s art is its hint at self-dissolution as a pathway to eternal existence. She’s acutely aware of our inevitable end, using this knowledge as fuel. Her sculptures become a dance of formation and dissolution. As spectators, we’re invited to this ballet, prompted to reflect on life, death, and the mysteries that might lie beyond our current understanding.

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