Jakub Kubica

Jakub Kubica, a multidisciplinary artist originally from Žilina, Slovakia, now works and lives in Berlin. Specializing in sculpture, visual and sound performances, as well as minimal furniture design, his work presents an intriguing paradox. Even though his sculptures appear industrial and static, they create an illusion of kinetic art frozen in time. Moreover, his creations praise nature, but from a futuristic, post-human perspective. This unique approach accounts for his use of contrasting materials, such as natural stone paired with sterile metals.

As a young boy, Kubica used to wrap his toy cars in aluminum, keenly watching how they would wear down over time. His passion for nature came alive during his first museum visit, where displayed fossils, bones, and ceramics captured his attention. As he puts it: ‘Eyes at our environment navigating with a new perspective. Perception of time has merged into my artistic career.’

Mirroring the methods of an archaeologist, Kubica’s artistic practice revolves around the theme of rediscovery. In this manner, he encourages us to see the present in a fresh light.

For example, in his series titled ‘Please do not hesitate to contact me,’ he probes the environment’s fragility and its imminent threat of loss. The name of this series cleverly utilizes a modern phrase commonly found in digital communication. As a result, the works act as poetic interactions bridging the digital and physical worlds. Here, natural elements are held above mirrors by metal arms, making rocks and wood look like valuable archaeological finds. Additionally, the sensors Kubica attaches to these ‘rare finds’ emphasize their intrinsic value.

Ultimately, Jakub Kubica’s creations serve as a vivid reminder that the future rests in how well we safeguard our natural world today.

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