Octavi Serra

Octavi Serra, a Barcelona-based artist, designer, and photographer, looks for the irony, truth, and letdowns in modern life through his art. His approach is both highly aesthetic and poetic. Recognizing that art serves as a form of communication for him, he chooses aesthetics and poetry as his language. Initially, the visual aspect catches people off guard, grabbing their attention. Later, after the initial surprise fades, emotion and reason begin to process the poetic elements.

As Serra himself explains, he avoids sending out fixed or specific messages. Given the complicated nature of things, he often finds it hard to be sure about anything. That’s why he starts off skeptical, adding layers of doubt, ambiguities, and questions to his work.

Moreover, Octavi Serra is mindful of using recycled materials and ensures his projects are environmentally friendly. He also frequently employs waste and inexpensive materials, which help him convey his perspectives. Topics like surveillance, greed, corruption, and environmental decay often find a place in his creations.

Taking his art to the streets, Serra goes beyond traditional gallery spaces. This approach lets him interact more directly with the public and express himself more freely. For Serra, creativity is key to finding what feels right and avoiding what doesn’t. In his view, creativity is like a tiny, unseen force that supports alternative ways of thinking, questioning what is usually accepted.

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