Thomas van Rijs

Thomas van Rijs, an alumnus of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, now operates from his Amsterdam base. At 16, he began creating small sculptures and paintings. This hobby evolved professionally when he joined the Blitzkrieg collective in 2009. This shift marked his immersion into the world of painters. Later, he transitioned from graphic design to painting, amplifying his passion.

A recurring theme in Thomas’s artwork is the exploration of memories and visual culture from his youth. He delves deep, piecing together fragmented memories. His canvases brim with visual materials, reminiscent of 1980s and 1990s advertising, board games, and retro computer games. Close observers will spot remnants of underlying layers and pencil sketches, akin to archaeological traces.

This introspection mirrors an archaeological quest. Thomas rediscovers and juxtaposes these findings. Instead of replicating memories, he transforms them, crafting a new narrative.

Embracing technology, Thomas van Rijs blends digital tools with his traditional painting. He uses printers, digital cameras, and software. This fusion creates a dialogue between the old and the new. He juxtaposes visuals, reinventing their essence, and offering a fresh take.

In his work, the disparity fosters an open-ended narrative. It bridges the gap between idea and interpretation, inviting viewers to craft their interpretations. Each interaction with his artwork becomes a unique, personalized journey.


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