Lolo & Sosaku

Lolo & Sosaku, an Argentine-Japanese artistic duo, redefine the art scene from their base in Barcelona, Spain. Originating from Buenos Aires and Tokyo respectively, their diverse backgrounds significantly enrich their unique approach to art. Seamlessly blending sculpture, installation, kinetic art, and painting, they create art that explores intricate relationships. Their works examine connections between objects, their environments, and observers. Additionally, Lolo & Sosaku often weave in elements of music and sound, drawing inspiration from electronic music.

Through the process of transforming shapes, lines, materials, and sounds, Lolo & Sosaku give life to motion sculptures. These creations, endowed with unique voices, undergo continuous and unpredictable transformations as a result. This innovative approach redefines artistic boundaries. It also mirrors the duo’s fascination with the energies and forces of our technologically driven age.

Initially, Lolo & Sosaku’s creations were centered on sound generation, using objects as the medium for auditory art. Over time, their focus shifted to the objects themselves, exploring the interplay between sound and visual elements.

Their works, often monumental and totemic, navigate a space between the organic and inorganic. Employing basic mechanical knowledge and technical systems, they delve into a world that is both dreamlike and phantasmagoric.

Lolo & Sosaku explore painting with a unique approach. Their autonomous sculptures, ‘pets’, roam their studio, emitting metallic whispers and enigmatic sounds. Guided yet unrestrained, their innovative machines create artworks of unpredictable beauty. Their artistic philosophy aligns with the idea that the journey of a piece of art transcends its medium.

Lolo & Sosaku’s journey reflects a deep connection with the world beyond the tangible, where experimentation is both the origin and the outcome of their artistic expression. Their work, a blend of the mechanical and the magical, continues to push the boundaries of traditional art, inviting viewers into a world of wonder and discovery.


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