Ben Edmunds

Hailing from Norwich, UK, Ben Edmunds now crafts his art in London’s vibrant art scenes. His journey began with a solid foundation at Wimbledon College of Art in 2016. Later, he advanced his techniques at the prestigious Royal College of Art in 2018.

Edmunds seamlessly blends the intense depths of Modernist Abstract Expressionism, color field painting, and Minimalism. To this mix, he introduces contemporary elements inspired by extreme sports and high-fashion. This unique fusion gives his pieces a fresh perspective on mythology and belief systems. Furthermore, it showcases his ability to capture the essence of human desire.

Each piece tells a story. Dyed canvases, hand-crafted carbon fiber elements, utilitarian carabiners, and poignant text snippets are his storytellers. They subtly convey our universal feelings of restlessness and the eternal quest for more.

Today’s art world is a whirlwind of evolving trends and styles. Yet, Edmunds’ creations stand out. They resonate with the modern ‘desiring body,’ emphasizing the value of experiences over mere objects. His artwork, often skeletal in design, is meticulously balanced. Elements like shock cords, clips, and climbing gear are more than just materials; they encapsulate the essence of his pieces.

Glossy ads and media heavily influence today’s art consumption. However, Ben Edmunds challenges these norms. He invites viewers to dive deeper, to explore the rich tapestry of traditional painting intertwined with the pursuits and passions of the modern individual. 


Ben Edmunds / It's then I can see for miles

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