Carlos Martín Rodríguez

Carlos Martín Rodríguez produces works that resonate with intellectual richness while exuding a contemporary feel. Specializing in sculpture, installation art, and audiovisual media, he explores time, materiality, and memory themes. His artistic journey, deeply rooted in his origins as an artist from Zamora, progressed further after completing his education. After studying at the University of Salamanca and the University of Barcelona, Rodríguez relocated to Madrid, where he currently lives and works.

Furthermore, Rodríguez’s extensive academic background enriches his work with conceptual depth. Drawing inspiration from philosopher Ray Brassier’s concept of ‘anterior posterity,’ Rodríguez investigates how the future influences the present. Thus, his focus on human interactions with their environments provides new insights into our existence and cosmic role.

His works narrate stories about synthetic human forms and elements akin to protective gear, creating speculative and post-archaeological narratives. Additionally, his audio work, employing feedback loops and voice manipulation, adds a distinct layer to these sculptures, redefining traditional perceptions and enhancing the art’s sensory appeal.

In ‘Self-Erasing Temporalities,’ Carlos Martín Rodríguez critiques contemporary capitalism by artfully combining archaeological, digital, and mnemonic elements into innovative hybrids. Moving to ‘Soft Causalities,’ he examines the intricate interplay between the digital and physical worlds. These works, representative of his vast artistic repertoire, push us to deepen our understanding of the environment and encourage further reflection.

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