Giuseppe Gabellone

Giuseppe Gabellone, born in 1973 in Brindisi, Italy, has established his creative base in Paris. His artistry seamlessly weaves surrealism, classical themes, and baroque elements. Gabellone is renowned for his rigorous formal research and relentless experimentation across various mediums. His work delves deep into spatial utilization, offering an analytical perspective.

From the early 2000s, Gabellone began reimagining various wall sculptures, drawing inspiration from traditional Italian wall relief. His pieces navigate the nuances between 2D and 3D, and oscillate between representation and ornamentation.

‘Experimentation propels my creations forward,’ Gabellone remarks.

His primary focus is reshaping the perception of sculpture, aligning it with an array of material and historical markers. These include monuments, architectural wonders, and landscapes. Gabellone’s works challenge conventional interpretations while pondering their significance.

Drawn to the allure of pre-existing imagery and items, Gabellone observes, ‘Utilizing these references, devoid of inherent content or specific historical ties, in a purely formal manner, creates an intriguing ambiguity.’

Yet, a deviation in his creative journey is evident in his series of untitled portrait-format photographs. These depict cloth tarpaulins imprinted with discovered photographs, anchored to vertical metal grids using cement blocks. When exposed to the outdoors, nature’s forces distort them, causing the images to contort.

With a swift camera capture, Gabellone immortalizes these momentary distortions, adding a raw, film-like touch to the visuals. While these images resonate with his prior works, they also seem to break free from their historical and sculptural confines, even if this freedom might be fleeting.




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