Anne Neukamp

The contemporary artist Anne Neukamp, born in Düsseldorf, currently lives and works in Berlin. With her works, she examines a visual vocabulary of technical origin, gathered from the world around us. For her, the punctuation marks, digital 3D models, and clip art serve as ‘found’ images. 

The interrogation of our shared pictorial language, that Anne Neukamp conducts, alters even the most well-defined referents. For example, icons of envelopes or hashtags became a part of our mandatory visual lexicon. However, when realized through Neukamp’s lens, forgone definitions and locations of those common symbols disrupt. As a result, the understanding and perception shifts toward the surreal. Therefore the figurative associations, the historical and implied meanings, don’t ask for a definition. But instead, they ask a viewer to completely rebuild the means by which she/he/they seek definition.

On one hand, all of Anne Neukamp’s works are interlinked by a certain symbolic and psychological potential. But, as each painting maintains its own logic, the main associations remain abstract. The artist meticulously transforms and overlaps images, all until the original context and meanings appear distorted and are pushed to absurd. 

In order to achieve a rich visual contrast, Anne Neukamp combines her confidence in painting with more mechanical forms of production and duplication. She uses not only stenciling or computer-generated images, but also a combination of oil, acrylic, and tempera paint. In effect, the perception of abstract and figurative, material content and spacial imagination shifts. And that gives a sense of fragments simultaneously drifting in and out of consciousness.




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