Riëtte Wanders

Born in Rhenen, Netherlands, the dynamic artist Riëtte Wanders has anchored her creative pursuits in Amsterdam. The sheer magnitude of Wanders’ creations isn’t just physical – they captivate with a profound emotional resonance. She commits herself to a singular medium, guided by her tailored principles of abstraction and the intentional omission of depth. Her works, pulsating with rhythm and movement, embrace monochromatic palettes. The symphony of blacks, whites, and greys dance in harmony, resonating with the beats of music that inspire her.

Wanders’ deliberate rejection of color thrusts the spotlight onto nuanced elements: texture, structural integrity, and composition. Yet, the soul of her work lies in its raw materiality.

Take her earlier drawings, for instance. They exude a profound depth, achieved through the dense richness of Siberian chalk or the delicate trails of acrylic, dripping onto the expansive embrace of paper. These elements intertwine to evoke a timeless aura, transporting viewers to an era undefined by history.

Her creations are unabashedly expressive, with a delightful rawness that celebrates their inherent flaws. Paint, whether splattered with abandon or rolled on with intent, often finds itself veiled behind a mosquito net or intersected with lines ‘etched’ by a sewing machine. It’s as though we’re privy to the universe’s intimate moments of evolution, a cosmic dance paused and immortalized by the sharp vision of Riëtte Wanders.


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