Susanne Schwieter

Susanne Schwieter’s art pulses with a theatrical rhythm, a nod to her successful tenure as a set and costume designer in Berlin’s vibrant scene. She speaks passionately about the origins of her work, drawing parallels to the theatre’s allure. For Schwieter, the electric charge right before a performance, when the audience falls silent and expectations mount, ignites her inspiration. She says, ‘That moment, so full of energy and promise, drives my creations.’

Schwieter’s cosmopolitan spirit shines through her words, guiding us to the heart of her artistic process. Instead of setting rigid boundaries, she embraces fluidity, seeking inspiration and potential everywhere. With an energetic blend of desire and vitality, she captures evolving forms and motions. Seamlessly merging analog and digital techniques, Susanne Schwieter transforms, deconstructs, and rebuilds, presenting a kaleidoscope of possibilities to discerning viewers.

Viewers experience her large, abstract displays in real-time, capturing their essence in the moment of observation. Her artworks defy definition, yet traces of historical memory linger within, remnants of what once was, now reshaped.

The tantalizing ‘promise in the air’ elevates the allure of Schwieter’s pieces. She’s not chasing an unchanging ‘forever.’ Instead, she’s captivated by the ever-evolving dance of history and life, a dance she doesn’t seek to control entirely.

Her art doesn’t pursue perfection but celebrates the boundless opportunities even within imperfections. The occasional glitches from tools like Google or Photoshop, or even their voids, contribute to the artwork’s essence. Susanne Schwieter understands that not everything in art—or reality—can be controlled. She embraces the unpredictable, finding beauty in life’s dynamism, imperfections, and relativity.

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