Manon Pretto

Manon Pretto operates amidst the lively streets of Paris and against the historic backdrop of Clermont Ferrand. Her thought-provoking works push the boundaries of art in urban spaces, inviting us to consider the complex interplay between technology and human experience in a world under constant surveillance.

Her artistic journey explores identity and social dynamics in modern society, using digital technology and imagery. She examines themes such as authority, oppression, and resistance. Her work employs a diverse range of mediums, including video, immersive installations, and performance art. Consequently, her work uniquely blends the tangible with the digital, crafting narratives that resonate with contemporary issues.

Pretto’s recent projects draw on dystopian themes and futuristic aesthetics, merging art and technology. She delves into the transient nature of human existence, the irony of our pursuits, and the inevitability of mortality.

Furthermore, her work explores misconceptions and hidden truths in our interactions with technology, particularly through screens and mirrors.

A key theme in Pretto’s art is the emotional memory of objects, especially prevalent technology in our daily lives. She challenges us to ponder the hypothetical consciousness and emotions of machines, thus opening discussions on perception and identity in the age of transhumanism.

Through her art, Pretto addresses critical contemporary issues such as privacy and identity, prompting a reassessment of our relationship with technology. Her works serve as a medium for understanding our emotions and perceptions shaped by technological advancements. Moreover, her artistic landscape goes beyond traditional boundaries. It transforms into an interactive exploration that challenges societal norms and sparks a journey of personal and collective discovery.

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