Pablo Tomek

Born in Paris and now based in Brussels, artist Pablo Tomek delves into societal intricacies through his gestural paintings. With canvases awash in metallic hues and thick, textured brush strokes, he captures human quandaries and sociological missteps.

Tomek reflects, ‘I aim to evoke the enigma of our society’s flaws through my work.’

Rooted in profound existential themes like ‘the construction of power’ and ‘environmental misjudgments,’ Tomek’s artistic approach demands both physical engagement and an intuitive understanding. His sweeping, evocative movements on canvas bring these abstract concepts to life.

His paintings invite multiple interpretations. Each mark and spontaneous impression captures Tomek’s emotions at the moment of creation. Consequently, viewers find themselves pondering the underlying narrative. For instance, the dense repetition of upward and downward strokes might symbolize mounting frustrations over societal neglect of environmental responsibilities.

For Pablo Tomek, experiencing his art is all about presence. He believes that standing before his work and forming a personal opinion, whether positive or negative, is paramount.

Interestingly, his artwork integrates techniques typical of manual labor. He employs tools like industrial sponges and a Karcher — a pressure washer often used by screen printers to clean paint-laden mesh screens. This unique approach, oscillating between direct painting and washing away paint with the Karcher, yields a distinctive texture, becoming a hallmark of his oeuvre.

He comments, ‘While painting, I immerse myself in a tactile process that demands my absolute presence.’




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