Oliver Johnson

The English contemporary artist Oliver Johnson currently lives and works in Valencia, Spain. From painting to light installations, his works primarily revolve around the number three. Much like Pythagoras argued that ‘Number is knowledge itself’.

Oliver Johnson in his works shows the changing nature of the living by capturing 3D into 2D. And actually, when his works locate in real physical space they are perceived as organic. More than that, their faded multiplying effect stays in the truly astonished perception of the viewer.

For example, his series titled ‘three’ includes works on flat surfaces that are divided horizontally and into three parts. That division with narrow gaps as a result opens up an infinite void. The black lines at the same time become suspended areas that escape any natural glimpse.

And as for his Untitled paintings, everything appears hyper-careful. Thus nothing refers to the gesture or carelessness, not even in its smallest details. With a singular and long-standing poetic effort, Oliver Johnson seeks a personal and non-transferable formula for capturing light.

The solid structures that he creates out of metal become the fields of light. Not only the perfect lighting but also the movements of the viewer create infinite light variations. However, only after a careful observation of his work, does one come to think and feel fascinating ‘energy fields’.

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